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Are you a homeowner that needs to plow some snow but you don't want to break the bank? This snow pusher box from Falcon Attachments is perfect for you and designed for your John Deere compact tractor. This pusher is built with quality and performance in mind, while at the same time keeping money in your pocket. Features a full 30" tall mold board and containment sides, a replaceable and reversible 1"x 6" durable high tensile strength rubber cutting edge that will protect your plowing surface, long wear steel shoes, and advanced side reinforcement that is both stronger and offers better performance. These pushers come standard in John Deere Green. Choose from a variety of widths and get your property cleared in no time.


    • 1/8" Mold Board
    • 3/16" Sides
    • 1"x 6" High Tensile Strength Rubber Cutting Edge
    • John Deere Style Quick Attach
    • 1/4"x 5" Steel Shoes
    • Industrial Enamel Finish
    • Available in 4', 5', 6', and 7' Widths

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